Barclay Tennis Winter Championships


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May 1st is the first series out of 6. Where players are working their way towards the finals series held on the weekend of June 19th.

The final will be taking 16 of the best players in each age group, so that’s 48 players through to the finals.

Prize Money       Winner      R/Up

Under 12’s $500       $250
Under 14’s $500       $250
Under 16’s $1000       $500
Open’s $2500     $1000

Structure & Eligibility
Under 12’s – 12 players
Under 16’s -16 players
Under 12’s & Under 14’s
7:30-10:30am – 24 Players
10:30-1:30pm – 24 Players
1:30-4:30pm – 24 Players
4:30-7:30pm – 24 Players

Eligibility of this event is for players in:
Under 12’s 2009 & later
Under 14’s 2007 & later
Under 16’s 2005 & later or UTR 5.5+

Every player that makes it into the finals will receive a VBTA goodie pack.

**The minimum requirement is to play 3 out of the 6 series.

***Players cannot play up an age group, meaning a 11 year old cannot play Under 16s. You must play your own age group unless your UTR is above 5.5.

Withdrawals within 48 hours will incur 1 warning, thereafter, entries will not be accepted for the Winter Championships.

Open’s does not have a qualifying series event. Straight knockout draw with an optional consolation draw.

The Finals are held on Sat June 19th & 20th, 2021. Possibly a Friday start for Opens.

Series 1-6
Under 12’s & 14’s:
Fast 4 best of 2 sets with 10 point tiebreak
3 matches with similar UTR levels.
Under 16’s:
2x matches that are best of 2 tiebreak sets with a 10 point super tiebreak.

The 12 players from each age group who accumulate the most points from the series event, make it to the finals series.

Points system
– 2 points for a match win
– 1 point per set win
– 1 point per match
Where there is a forfeit or a no show, 3 points will be awarded
If there’s a unfinished match, 2 bonus points will not be awarded
A maximum of 5 points can be awarded each match and a minimum of 1 point

Finals Draw Size:
Under 12’s: 16 players – 12 Qualifiers, 4 Wild Cards (VBTA Members Only)
Under 14’s: 16 players – 12 Qualifiers, 4 Wild Cards (VBTA Members Only)
Under 16’s: 16 players – 12 Qualifiers, 4 Wild Cards (VBTA Members Only)
Opens: 32 players – 26 Direct Acceptance, 6 Wild Cards (VBTA Members Only)

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Favourite Player: Ashley Barty

Favourite Shot: Forehand

Favourite Surface: Hard


Favourite Player: Dominic Thiem

Favourite Shot: Forehand

Favourite Surface: Hard


Favourite Player: Serena Williams

Favourite Shot: Forehand

Favourite Surface: Hard


Favourite Player: Dominic Thiem

Favourite Shot: Forehand

Favourite Surface: Hard


Favourite Player: Novak Djokovic

Favourite Shot: Forehand

Favourite Surface: Hard


Favourite Player: Dominic Thiem

Favourite Shot: Serve

Favourite Surface: Hard

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What is an UTR tournament?

Universal Tennis Rating is a global rating system that promotes fair and competitive play across the tennis world. All players, regardless of age, gender, geography or skill level, are rated on the same scale between 1 and 16.50 based on actual match results.

My child is 11, can they play Under 14s?

Yes, your child can play in any age group, as long as they don’t exceed the age group year.

My child’s UTR doesn’t go up, do they have to play someone higher?

No, it depends on your score against your opponent, whether they are higher or lower. For more information

What kind of format do you play?

Depending on which tournament you have registered for.

Our Junior Round Robin’s are Best of 2 Fast 4 sets with a match tiebreak. You are commited to play 3 matches in your 3 hour timeframe.

All our other tournaments or matchplay are either 2 full sets & a match tiebreaker or a full 3 set match.

Do we have to play every week of Round Robins?

No, Vince runs these events to encourage players to play more matches. He believes the best way to improve, is to play many matches.

The Winter Championship: The top 12 players who accumulate the most points qualify for the finals.

“ Lovely people running the club and the courts are the best in Sydney, all sorts of surfaces. I train here every week "

“ One of the best places I've been. Nice & respectful fun coaches ”

“ Best academy in Sydney! Great players and great coaches"

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