Coaching Programs

Adult Beginner & Intermediate Coaching:
Discover the joy of tennis and improve your skills with our Adult Beginner & Intermediate Coaching program. Whether you’re new to the sport or looking to take your game to the next level, our experienced coaches provide tailored instruction and drills in a supportive and fun environment. Join us and unlock your tennis potential today!

Elite Squad Training:
Take your tennis game to new heights with our Elite Squad Training program. Designed for competitive players seeking top-level coaching and intensive training, our program focuses on technical development, strategic play, fitness conditioning, and mental toughness. Join our elite squad and elevate your performance on the court.

Private Coaching:
Experience personalised attention and accelerated progress with our Private Coaching sessions. Our highly skilled coaches will work closely with you to identify and address your specific strengths and areas for improvement. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, private coaching provides individualised guidance and feedback tailored to your needs and goals.

HotShot Junior Program:
Ignite your child’s passion for tennis with our HotShot Junior Program. Specifically designed for young players, this program uses modified equipment and age-appropriate techniques to introduce and develop fundamental skills in a fun and engaging way. Our expert coaches foster a supportive environment that encourages learning, teamwork, and a lifelong love for the sport.

Advanced Junior Squad Training:
For junior players aiming to excel in tennis, our Advanced Junior Squad Training program offers a comprehensive training regimen. With a focus on technical refinement, match strategies, physical conditioning, and mental fortitude, this program prepares players for high-level competition. Join our advanced squad and unleash your potential on the court.





When can we have private coaching?

Private coaching is available Monday to Saturday. Subject to availability.

Are private lessons already structured or can make a request?

Yes, we cater to your tennis needs and we also have drills and specifics we work on.

How often should we get private coaching?

Depending on what level tennis player you are, we recommend about 1 lesson per week.

What surface can we get coaching on?

Any of our 3 surfaces that are available at the time of your lesson.

Are all your coaches TA qualified coaches?

We have TA qualified coaches, but we only hire the best coaches suitable for each job, regardless of a TA qualification.

Do you have to bring your own tennis racquet?

We have tennis racquets here to hire or if you wish to bring your own.

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